We are committed to ensuring the Beyond Compliance: Accessibility Self-Assessment Tool and its website is accessible to the widest possible audience. We have intentionally designed the tool and website to meet the standards set forth in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) of the World Wide Web Consortium Web Accessibility Initiative (W3C WAI), meeting Level A and achieving Level AA wherever possible. This tool and website are compatible with popular screen reading software and can be navigated using the keyboard for your computer or using other assistive devices.

Customized Site for You

There are various things you can do to change the look of this site to make it easier for you to read. You can make text larger and change the contrast. This section provides an overview of the website’s accessibility in general. For more information, or should you have any questions or comments regarding the accessibility of this website, please submit to us using our feedback survey form.

Our current accessibility features include:

  • Alternative (alt) text detail for appropriate images and other non-text elements;
  • Title attributes for additional information about links and indication of new browser windows;
  • Structural mark-up language to indicate headings and lists to aid in page comprehension;
  • Association of forms with labels;
  • JavaScript and style sheets to enhance the appearance and functionality of the website;
  • PDF files created with accessibility features enabled;
  • Sufficiently contrasting colours to satisfy screen readers;
  • Non-flickering imagery and screens;
  • Access to our feedback survey is available on every screen; and
  • Links with title attributes or descriptive targets are written to make sense out of context.

Text and Readability

Text is presented at a minimum size of 14 points, with the majority of all website content being presented at 16 points or larger. Font type is Open Sans to increase readability. All text is presented as machine readable text, which allows it to be resized easily using the browser preference settings, regardless of what text display options are built-in to the website. This includes the use of the browsers built-in zoom in/out function to increase or decrease the magnification of the entire web page.


This site uses a 4:1 colour contrast ratio to present the design of the tool and site in a format that is both visually appealing and comprehensive as the contrast ratio is used to separate foreground from background. You can further improve the contrast of this tool and website by changing the contrast settings of your browser.

Skip to Content

This website provides you with the ability to skip over repeated content at the beginning of each page, such as the heading and navigation menu, and go straight to the main page content. This is especially useful for those with screen readers. To activate, visit a new page, then press the Tab key. The “skip to content” link should be selected. Press the Enter key to activate the link.

Descriptive Links and Labels

Links on our website and within the tool have TITLE tags. These tags work similar to alternative text and provide more information to those who are using a screen reader. Our site also provides comprehensive error labels and messages to assist with the completion of forms and tasks.

Software You Might Need

Some documents on this website are available in a PDF format. Adobe Acrobat is needed to open these files. Acrobat is available to download at no charge and is compatible for most devices and operating systems. Visit Adobe to download the version compatible to your computer.

We value your opinions. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions regarding the accessibility of this tool and website, please contact us through our Feedback Survey form.